A Publication of the Telfair County Chamber of Commerce

Telfair Museum of History
Forsyth Street
McRae-Helena, Georgia 31037

Hours of Operation: By Appointments Only 
For an appointment call: 229-868-7114 

Telfair Museum of History was established to help celebrate the Telfair County's Bicentennial in 2007 and is located on on Forsyth Street in McRae-Helena, GA.

The Museum's displays items of historic agriculture, naval stores, timber occupations and modes of transportation. In addition, items displayed relate to Telfair's communities, notable individuals/families, record setting hunting and fishing, indians native to the area, historic schools and cemeteries.

For more information go the the PHS website at pahstelfair.web.com

Scotland Fest Museum of History
Old Scotland City Jail Scotland, GA (facing railroad tracks)
Hours of Operation: By Appointments Only! 
For an appointment call: 229-868-2105