A Publication of the Telfair County Chamber of Commerce


What is the Telfair County Chamber of Commerce?

The Chamber is a MEMBERSHIP based 501(c)6 organization that promotes it's member businesses, industries, organizations & tourism throughout Telfair County.

It unites business and professional individuals, creating a central agency that lends itself to improving businesses and building a better community.

The Chamber is the main voice working to improve the ECONOMIC STATUS of the county.  The Chamber maintains Telfair County’s information at the Resource Center in Atlanta.

What does the Telfair County Chamber of Commerce DO?

The focus of the Telfair County Chamber of Commerce is the community’s economic well being. The Chamber works to increase wealth and prosperity by facilitating growth of existing MEMBER businesses and fostering new ones. The new wealth can be directed toward establishing and improving civic, educational and cultural facilities to create the proper business climate for attracting more business and industry.


The Chamber tirelessly works to encourage growth throughout all of Telfair County-growth that will lead to creation of more jobs and more people moving to Telfair County to live and creating new customers for your business.  In addition, the Chamber is a Welcome-Vistor Center promoting tourism withing Telfair County.